Hello. My name is Anita Ejiofor, the face behind the brand and voice beneath the writing. I am a Christian, a medical doctor, IELTS coach, writer, freelance editor and medical lifestyle blogger.
For me, writing is a way to capture, store and convert memory into a timeless form; I believe experiences are worth documenting and sharing, for ourselves and those coming alongside and after us. This is why I aim to share my experiences and those of others, for the humour, the lessons, the beauty and the memory.
In 2017, shortly after graduation from medical school, I started a personal blog to chronicle my thoughts and observation through life and my career as a doctor. Over time, it evolved into a medical lifestyle blog where I share the behind-the-scenes of life as a doctor and helpful resources for medical professionals. As an ardent book lover, and one whose love for writing grew from her love for reading, I share the books I am reading and loving per time for my book-loving readers. Also, because I love to meet new persons and learn a new language where I can, I blog about interesting persons I meet and places I visit.
Last year, I began coaching friends who were preparing for the IELTS test, and to assist more persons and do so with a higher level of commitment, I started an online coaching class. Since I started, I have helped seven in ten students ace their test in a single sitting. Do you need a freelance editor to proofread your ebook or copyedit your research work? I am your go-to person; my mission is to help you communicate excellently using clean and clear writing and authentic stories.